Technology is reshaping the golf industry. From GPS systems that calculate the distance to the hole to self-driving carts, performance-enhancing club designs and swing analysis systems, we can say that the turf is now greener than ever. 

This doesn’t just mean a more competitive sports arena but also income-generating opportunities. Which is why we have partnered with OnCore Golf. 

 OnCore Golf engineers high-performance golf balls through their proprietary perimeter weighting technology.  Perimeter weighting is a patented technology that enables the ball to deliver 60% less side spin, for straighter shots and longer drives.

OnCore Golf

Source: OnCore Golf 

“The increased Moment of Inertia (MoI) and centrifugal forces result in lower driver spin rates, tighter dispersion, extended aerodynamic lift, and more consistent and stable flight.” 

OnCore Golf was introduced to our team through PGA Tour player, Erik Compton. A firm believer and brand ambassador, Erik has tried and tested OnCore’s golf balls.  

Our findings? The company’s performance, both on the turf and in the market, is impressive. We believe in its potential to continuously deliver value to golf enthusiasts and investors alike. 

With a recession approaching, adding alternative asset investments to your portfolio is crucial. Bearish market and volatility — this is not something investors expected.  We have been preparing for it for some time.  

 Alternative asset investments have a low correlation to the market. Thus, are less affected by a recession and an effective vehicle against inflation. MacNicol & Associate Asset Management is dedicated to weather our clients from the storm through portfolio diversification and monitoring. 

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