The MacNicol & Associates Asset Management Difference:

  1. We are a team of experienced Portfolio Managers that understands the benefits of the value and risk of assets over a lifetime.
  2. We offer a truly customized, tailored plan for every client that evolves with your circumstances.
  3. We believe each individual has a specifically defined role to manage, plan, research and administer all of our clients’ portfolios.
  4. We objectively and independently advise our clients on such matters.   We are not distracted by up selling services or raising capital for businesses.
  5. We guarantee your portfolio is not limited by traditional investment options.  Instead, it is based on where you want to go.
  • We are not brokers, venture capitalists or insurance salespeople.
  • We are an independent investment firm.
  • Inquire about our unique investment platform:
    Safe Harbour Investing and Alternative Investments

Target Client

  • No Minimum
  • Currently has $1 Million on Average per Family
  • Between Several Accounts
  • Clients Should Gravitate Towards this Average Over Time

Charity Work


“MacNicol & Associates Asset Management is a firm that offers the best of Bay Street. Dave MacNicol is both exceedingly well-informed and exceedingly well-mannered, two equally important qualities when it comes to the matter of personal finance.”

— Ms. A.P.
“Thank you for your recent advice concerning my personal financial matters. Since I have been a client of MacNicol & Associates (2001) you have assisted me with not only my investments but also other personal financial matters. David, it is very comforting knowing that you always have my best interest at the forefront of your decision making. Thank you for your personal attention.”
— Mrs. P.S.
“At your recent presentation… I was able to speak with a small number of MacNicol clients, all of which spoke glowingly of this company.”
— Mr. A.B.

“The team at MacNicol has assembled a portfolio solution that is quite unique in Canada, and is most suited to my largest clients. The combination of equities, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and other bespoke solutions have resulted in a protected journey when traditional equity markets are challenged, while participating in upside opportunity. Many claim “pension-style” management, but MacNicol delivers.”

Mr. D.W.

“I have been with MacNicol & Associates since 2007 and can, without reservation, attest to the capability of this firm. The market has been through some peaks and valleys, but David and his staff have always remained solid and innovative. I am very pleased with the returns on my portfolio, but more importantly value David’s transparency and regular communication with me. No major moves are done without explanation first and my consent. Portfolio status and strategy are reviewed on a regular basis. The associate staff has always been very responsive and easy to deal with.

I am not in the financial field and and this means that I essentially have to put my trust in this firm. I didn’t simply hand over my trust however..They have earned it.”

— Dr. T.M.

“We’ve developed a great partnership with MacNicol & Associates. Their dedication to our client’s investment success is evident. We admire the disciplined approach, proven track record, and leading-edge solutions that are so hard to find in one relationship.”

— Mr. S.P.