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The Weekly Beacon at MacNicol & Associates Asset Management US, LLC

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The Weekly Beacon at MacNicol & Associates Asset Management US, LLC2023-10-18T00:02:12-04:00

The Weekly Beacon – April 12, 2024

This weeks issue: Gold prices, GDX ETF, Gold miners, Junior miners, Nvidia, Semiconductors, Nvidia stock, Intel stock, March CPI, Inflation report, FED, Interest rates, Costco, Gold purchases, Gold bars, Chinese stocks, Chinese cement company, China Tianrui Company, Chinese economic downgrade, China credit ratings, China government debt, The Masters, Amateur golfers.

By |April 11th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – April 5, 2024

This weeks issue: Gold prices, Gold miners, Central Banks gold purchases, S&P 500 components, Laggards in the S&P 500, Lululemon stock, Nike stock, Walgreens stock, Tesla stock, Semiconductors, Trump Media stock, GameStop, Meme stocks, SPAC King, Chamath, Billionaire interests, Capital raising, Wealth destroying stocks.

By |April 4th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – March 29, 2024

This weeks issue: Cocoa prices, Chocolate, Nestle and Hershey stocks, Global chocolate market, Trump media, Trump net worth, Trump Media stock, Trump Media revenue, Social media IPOs, Fisker stock, Fisker suspended, Bankruptcy worries, EV producers, Electric vehicle bubble, Private equity, Krispy Kreme stock, McDonald's stock, Strategic partnership, Tech executives, Insider selling, Zuckerberg and Bezos selling stock, Market signal.

By |March 28th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – March 22, 2024

This weeks issue: Mortgage prices, New home buyers, Interest rates, Housing CPI, Inflation rates, Japan equities, Japanese interest rates, Bank of Japan, Putin re-elected, Russian politics, War in Ukraine, Casino era, Markets, Retail investors, Call options, Nvidia stock, Meme stocks, Jim Cramer, Nvidia valuation, Commodity resurgence, Commodity cycles, Oil prices, Copper prices, Coal energy, Energy generation, China coal usage, India economy, Inflation risk, Tail risks in today's markets.

By |March 21st, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – March 15, 2024

This weeks issue: IPO Market, Investment bankers, Reddit financials, Reddit IPO, Social media stocks, New York Community Bancorp stock, NYCB equity package, Secretary Steven Mnuchin, S&P 500 performance, S&P 500 components performances, CPI, Consumer prices, Inflation, Energy prices, Gasoline prices, Shelter prices, Interest rates, FED decision, Elon Musk, Tesla analysis, Tesla stock, Tesla valuation, Gold prices, Investor interest in gold, Gold miners, Physical gold prices.

By |March 14th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – March 8, 2024

This weeks issue: ESG outflows, ESG focus, ESG returns, Crypto market, Bitcoin, Bitcoin volatility, NFT market, Housing market, Case Schiller housing Index, Supply and demand in housing, Gold prices, Gold miners, Interest rate policy, Inflation, Bezos vs. Musk, Worlds richest man, Tesla circling the drain, Recession signal, Republican primary, EU trade, EU tarriffs on China, Trade war. Electric vehicles, Chinese auto market, Chinese exports.

By |March 7th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – March 1, 2024

This weeks issue: FTC blocks trade, Biden administration blocks mergers, Kroger acquisition, Kroger financials, Albertsons acquisition, Artificial intelligence, AI in fast food, Nvidia's growth, S&P 500 concentration, Meta platforms stock, P/E ratios, BTC price, BTC melt-up, Elon Musk vs. Apple, Apple car pursuit, Apple valuation, Electric vehicle market, Self driving cars, NFL versus the rest, Mark Cuban, NFL growth, NBA struggles, Salary caps in sports, Government shutdown, Congress disagrees.

By |February 29th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – February 23, 2024

This weeks issue: Discover stock, Capital One stock, Merger in financials, Regulations and the DOJ,Financials sector analysis, Credit card industry, Visa, Mastercard, Russia invasion, China, East versus West, China buying U.S. farmland, China stocks, China attempts to limit short selling, Berkshire Hathaway stock, Buffett top picks 2024 for stock market, Occidental Petroleum stock, Chevron stock, Apple stock, Nvidia earnings, AI chip sales, Nvidia forecast 2025, Nvidia price forecast, Nvidia valuation.

By |February 22nd, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – February 16, 2024

This weeks issue: CPI, Inflation data, Interest rates, Jerome Powell, FED, Bill Ackman, Closed-end funds, Pershing Square Capital, Chinese markets, Chinese debt crisis, Chinese property values, Cathie Wood, Ark Investments, Nvidia stock, Lyft stock, Uber stock, Earnings report, Amazon stock, Amazon and China, Yield curve inversion, Sam Altman, OpenAI, Chip manufacturing.

By |February 15th, 2024|
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