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The Weekly Beacon at MacNicol & Associates Asset Management US, LLC

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The Weekly Beacon at MacNicol & Associates Asset Management US, LLC2023-10-18T00:02:12-04:00

The Weekly Beacon – July 5, 2024

Betting websites, presidential election, Biden vs. the field, Warren Buffett Indicator, Market Cap vs. GDP, Shipping Index, Shipping stocks, shipping rates, Inflation, BOAT ETF, FED Funds Rate, Interest rate expectations, Tesla stock, Tesla earnings, India vs China as an ally, India economy, Google's climate goals, Alphabet stock, Net-zero commitments

By |July 4th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – June 21, 2024

Electric vehicle producers, Fisker, Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings, Interest rates, U.S. government debt, Government budget, Defense budget, Equity ownership, Foreign ownership of U.S. assets, Emerging markets, Uranium, Nuclear energy, Bill Gates, Renewable energy, FED member, Interest rate policy, Inflation.

By |June 20th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – June 14, 2024

Euro elections, president Macron, Left to right wing rotation, Elections, Turkey and China, Turkey in NATO, EV market, Oil merger, oil deals, Noble Corp., Diamond Offshore Drilling stock, India funds, Indian market, Shipping stocks, Shipping rates, Inflation, May CPI report, Consumer debt, family office asset allocation, private equity, Ark Invest, Cathie Wood, Tesla, Tesla robotaxis.

By |June 13th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – June 7, 2024

Private equity valuations, PE exits, Bitcoin ETFs, Bitcoin demand, Texas Stock Exchange, Money flow, Citadel, Bank of Canada, Interest rates, Inflation, Walmart signage, Economic numbers, Jobs report, Manufacturing data, GameStop stock, Meme stocks, Keith Gill, Roaring Kitty, Gold prices, Central Bank gold purchases, U.S. Treasuries, Gold utilization.

By |June 6th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – May 31, 2024

This weeks issue: Population, Fertility rates, Healthcare workers, Pension plans, T+1 trading, Regulations in securities markets, Wheat prices, Russian commodity dominance, U.S. telecommunications industry, T-mobile stock, T-Mobile acquisition, S&P 500 weightings, Concentration in equity markets, Inflation, 1970s inflation waves, The FED, Shein IPO, Chinese stocks on the NYSE, Geopolitics, China U.S. relations, Patient investing.

By |May 30th, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – May 24, 2024

This weeks issue: FED, FED members, Inflation, Interest rates, Interest servicing, Government debt, Gas prices, Energy, Oil prices, SPR release, Biden energy policy, Emerging markets, India stocks, Mexico ETF, Chinese stock market rebound, P/E ratios of each country, Emerging markets ETF, Inflation in the classroom, Bond market, Balanced fund under-performance, U.S.Treasury performance in 2024.

By |May 23rd, 2024|

The Weekly Beacon – May 17, 2024

This weeks issue: Meme stocks, Circa 2021, Roaring Kitty, Retail traders, Gamestop stock, AMC stock, Short squeezes, Hedge funds, EV demand, Hybrid demand, Auto sales, Trade wars, China and the U.S. geopolitics, EV sanctions, Rare earth metals, China ETF, Interest rates, FED decision, Inflation report, Uranium and nuclear energy, Spot price of uranium, Nuclear energy, Red Lobster bankruptcy, Chapter 11 filings, Thai Union Group.

By |May 16th, 2024|
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