Safe Harbor Investing by Wealth Management Experts in Florida

The philosophy of MacNicol & Associates Asset Management US, LLC is to preserve and increase the wealth of its clients by achieving consistent above average long-term results. Our strategy includes a disciplined focus, which provides clients with more diversification and less risk by reducing investment exposure to the factors of any single sector or country. Our investment approach is designed to help you weather the storm.

Your portfolio is monitored by a highly professional senior money manager. We communicate with our clients on an ongoing basis. Our expertise combined with our constant communication helps us avoid devastating icebergs that could sink your portfolio.

Separately Managed Account

Every Investor is unique. MacNicol & Associates offers a variety of models to reflect your own personal investing style and risk tolerance. Portfolios range from conservative investments to higher-risk equities. Alternative Assets help reduce the risk in portfolios. Every client has a customized portfolio with different risk and return characteristics.

“The team at MacNicol have assembled a portfolio solution that is quite unique in Canada, and is most suited to my largest clients. The combination of equities, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and other bespoke solutions have resulted in a protected journey when traditional equity markets are challenged, while participating in upside opportunity. Many claim “pension-style” management, but MacNicol delivers.”

“We’ve developed a great partnership with MacNicol & Associates. Their dedication to our client’s investment success is evident. We admire the disciplined approach, proven track record, and leading-edge solutions that are so hard to find in one relationship.”