RIA equivalent in Canada and now announcing a new expansion into the Florida region

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What are the strengths of MacNicol & Associates?

  • Alternatives
  • Valuations
  • Customization into one offering
  • Limits bombs going off in client accounts and advisors’ business
  • Identify problems before they happen

Why should Advisors in Florida join MacNicol & Associates Asset Management?

  • Better economics for Advisors
  • “You will earn more with us”.

How can you expand on the other benefits you bring to Advisors in Florida?

  • Independence
  • Product breadth
  • Full support and expertise of MacNicol’s seasoned team
  • Robust network of partners – approaching $1 Trillion
  • Better economics for Advisors

Can you expand on independence?

  • Ability to work from home
  • Office space if advisors wish to utilize it, but WFH is fully accepted
  • No internal sales pressure for internal commission-based products

Can you expand on your product breadth?

Can you expand on MacNicol’s Support & Partner Network?

  • Compliance and back office
  • Research and Custodial access
  • Regular firm commentary/content and Webinars

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