Click here for the PDF: The Weekly Beacon March 29 2024 US

We will be giving some macro economic market updates on a weekly basis. No equity recommendations will be given in this commentary, and we encourage you to contact us if you have questions regarding any observations.

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This weeks issue: Cocoa prices, Chocolate, Nestle and Hershey stocks, Global chocolate market, Trump media, Trump net worth, Trump Media stock, Trump Media revenue, Social media IPOs, Fisker stock, Fisker suspended, Bankruptcy worries, EV producers, Electric vehicle bubble, Private equity, Krispy Kreme stock, McDonald’s stock, Strategic partnership, Tech executives, Insider selling, Zuckerberg and Bezos selling stock, Market signal.

Cheers and good luck chocolate lovers

Look at the chart below and let us know what you think, without knowing what asset the chart is tracking:

We will give you some hints, it’s a 1-year price chart that has more than tripled over that period. You would think that this chart represents an NFT, a small-cap cryptocurrency, or some other speculative asset but, it represents a commodity that we all know quite well, cocoa.

Don’t believe us? We added back the name onto the chart which we retrieved from


Click here for the PDF: The Weekly Beacon March 29 2024 US