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Soaring inflation. Recession. Market vulnerability. All these have drawn people to check their financial pulse — how does the global market affect us? And are we prepared to weather the storm at the horizon? 

MacNicol and Associates look ahead and approach the impending storm before it reaches your doorstep. Through experience, a disciplined focus, and our investment approach, we deliver exponential growth to your investment portfolio.  

These factors have drawn us to partner with Real Vision, an on-demand financial TV channel for all levels of financial literacy. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, entrepreneur, or someone wanting to gain real-life financial knowledge, Real Vision has all the tools you need to stay on top of the market trends. 

Looking to learn the basics of investing? Find complex concepts explained in logical scenarios, so you can start your journey to financial freedom. 

Want deep-dive data on the global market? Access financial research, macroeconomic analysis, unbiased “real-time” market reports, and all the insights you need to help with your investment decisions. 

A trailblazer with disruptive alternative media outlook, Real Vision doesn’t only challenge traditional education but also creates meaningful entertainment.  

The hurdle is to break the stigma that money, investing, and economics are dull discussions meant to alienate those outside the industry. Using tech, creativity, and investing expertise, they made financial research and education readily available (and easily digestible) to anyone who’s hungry to learn.  

With thought leaders like Stanley Druckenmiller, Cathie Wood, Jim Grant, Lyn Alden, David Einhorn, Denise Shull, Kyle Bass, Dr. Pippa Malmgren, and Jeff Gundlach to name a few, the content is guaranteed to be accurate and insightful.  

MacNicol and Associates Asset Trust fund is proud to invest in Real Vision as they continue to grow and penetrate not only the finance industry but also the education, business, and entertainment sectors. 

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Real Vision