Woody Brock Presentation Oct. 26th 2016 from David MacNicol on Vimeo.


“People want change”


Yesterday (Wednesday, October 26th, 2016), economist Woody Brock came by the MacNicol & Associates office to discuss numerous topics relating to both Macro & Micro economics. Near the end of the discussion we were able to get some insight on his opinion regarding the upcoming presidential election on Nov. 8th between Donald Trump and his opponent Hillary Clinton.


Dr. Brock believes this election happens to be extremely important, not only for the United States, but also for the entire world. Its outcome will undoubtedly be followed by either both negative and or positive effects that will be seen around the globe. As Dr. Brock stated, this is the start of a major revolution in American politics. Americans are furious, they want change, and “sleazy politics just won’t work anymore”. Dr. Brock believes in some of Trump’s arguments with relation to the American citizens and companies being robbed by foreign production and workers, and agrees with Trump’s statement that its time for real change. However, Dr. Brock believes that “it’s the wrong Trump”, and that Hilary Clinton will win the election in two weeks’ time. Trump has exposed the so called “liberal elite” who consider themselves experts and how they have managed to influence U.S. politics for some time now through its use of the media and press.


But in two weeks’ time the world will know its fate, as it will all come down to both the House of Congress & the Senate. Everything will depend on whether or not the Democrats or Republicans take control of both houses. If the Democrats win the house, Dr. Brock believes that the U.S. will become an even more debt ridden country then it already is, and states that the Republicans need to win both houses. If this is the case, Hilary will need to work towards negotiations between the two major parties with the objective of getting stuff done. Dr. Brock fears if the Democratic Party wins both houses, it will run the economy into the ground. He stated near the end of his presentation, quoting a report by the World Bank “rising debt levels of the West are the highest they have ever been” & that “The West is Broke”!!


It’s time for Washington to wake up!!