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This weeks issue: Pricey EVs, Electric Vehicle Affordability, Rising Metal Costs, Lithium Prices, Commodity Prices, Lithium Supply Gaps, Securing Rare earth Metals, Lithium Reserves by Country, China’s Stranglehold on EV Metals, 60/40 Portfolios, Retirement Planning Failures, Bonds Bust, Chamath Palihapitiya, Social Capital, IPOD and IPOF Fold, SPAC Scam, SPAC BOOM, Wednesdays FED Decision, Sticky Prices, FED, Jerome Powell.

Mainstream Wakes Up

For months, if not years we have been warning investors and our network about coming metal shortages stemming from the development of green technology. We have not been alone in this thesis, many investors, industry professionals, and select members of the media have echoed this point. However, many average consumers have ignored our cries. Therefore, we have recommended investors buy a basket of companies who extract these EV metals rather than betting on an EV producer and paying 50x+/- sales.

It appears some in the mainstream world have awoken.

Barron’s ran an article this week where they discuss coming lithium shortages.

Who would have thought?

Barron’s has cited that Lithium Shortages will be a major obstacle for EVs being the dominant car on the road. While that might be true, an “EV takeover” is further away than many think, especially with the fill-up costs increasing exponentially this year. The cost savings of filling up an EV has almost disappeared this year as the price of natural gas and coal have risen exponentially. Natural gas and coal are two main sources of energy that power the electrical grid.