Click here: The Weekly Beacon – October 14, 2022

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This weeks issue: Markets, is this the bottom? Inflation, Market timing, Market Sentiment, Renewables, Energy, OPEC+, Strategic Petroleum Reserves,  Cathy Woods, Ark Innovation, The Federal Reserve, The Bank of Canada, Behavioral Bias, Price Anchoring, Canadian Real Estate Market.


Not a Normal Correction

Many have labeled this year’s market downturn as typical, however, this year’s bear market is anything but typical.

At 9 months, this bear market is the longest we have seen since the Financial Crisis (2007-2009). However, if you zoom out and compare 2022 to the Dot Com bear market or even the Financial Crisis bear market, we could just be getting started.

This is not 2018 or 2020 and we are nowhere close to 2009 levels. Imagine if this year’s market performance continues for a year or two more, investor sentiment which is already at major lows would implode.