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This weeks issue: EV costs, EV charging costs, Natural gas prices, Charging prices vs. fueling prices, The Telegraph, European natural gas, Super Bowl, Odds market, Flat decades in the stock market, Down decades in the Dow Jones, FTX commercials (Tom Brady, Larry David), Bubbles, M2 shrinks, U.S. money supply, Hindenburg Research, Indian equities, Indian conglomerate, Adani Group stock, Short seller, Tesla competition, EV sales, Mortgage rates, Housing crisis.

EV variable costs add up

The upfront costs of electric vehicles are a major deterrent for many consumers. Greenies argue your added cost (upfront) will be saved (plus much more) over the lifetime of the car due to less maintenance for an EV and charging is cheaper than gasoline or diesel. We have been firm in our warnings to consumers and our investors that this could change and change quickly. Even though electric vehicles charge via a plug in the wall or a plug in a parking lot, those chargers are powered by a number of sources which include coal and natural gas.

Most energy consumed in the U.S. comes from fossil fuels. Over 1/3 of the U.S. electricity grid is powered by natural gas.

A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative………….