Click here: The Weekly Beacon – January 20 2023

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This weeks issue: Meme Stocks, Asset Class Returns, 2022, Chamath, High Multiple Stocks, Chinese Population, Indian Population, Retail Traders, SPACs, Political Hypocrisy, China Buys Academia, Chinese Energy Demand, Copper Demand, EVs, China Opening, Microsoft lay Offs, Microsoft Earnings, Tech Sales Slump.



More tech layoffs

The “gig” economy continues to lay off workers in the thousands. We began reporting on layoffs in the technology industry a few months back. It originally started when Elon Musk took over Twitter and claimed Twitter was overstaffed and was wasting money on salaries. He fired thousands of workers that he thought were unneeded. Even though the rest of that industry hates him, it seems they agree with him. Meta, Apple, Amazon, and many more technology companies have rapidly begun to cut staff to increase profitability and cut costs during times of economic uncertainty.

This week, Microsoft announced it was cutting 10,000 jobs.

Click here: The Weekly Beacon – January 20 2023