MacNicol’s Quarterly Commentary- October 2019

Sometimes it really pays to be open minded. For example, this summer I vacationed in beautiful Boston Bar, BC where I was presented with can of beer from someone with the Dead Frog brewery in Aldergrove (a suburb of Langley for all you Torontonians). Dead Frog…I thought to myself…how good could such a macbre sounding beer possibly be? Well as it turned out…pretty darn amazing. Dead Frog’s Green Magic IPA is a sensational, sophisticated and irreverent ale that easily earned a spot on my list of all-time favourite craft beers. Should business or pleasure ever take you anywhere near Langley you owe it to yourself to visit Dead Frog’s tasting room where you too can get mesmerized by the Green Magic or seduced by any one of Dead Frog’s other delectable brews. I will provide details on how you can get in touch with the kind folks at Dead Frog at end of this edition of The Quarterly but for now I hope you will appreciate how allowing myself to try different things paid off for me in a big, big way.

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The Quarterly Commentary October 2019


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